How to Fund Your OrderBank Wallets in 5 Easy Steps

  1. On your Dashboard, Click on ‘Wallets’

2. On the ‘Manage Wallet’ Page, Click on ‘Fund Your Wallet’

3. Select the Amount; Note, you will be charged 7.5% as VAT for this Funding. As such, if you are funding your Wallet with ₦5,000, VAT will equal ₦375, which will sum up to ₦5,375. For ₦15,000, VAT will be ₦1,125, summing up to ₦16,125. For ₦25,000, VAT will be ₦1,875, summing up to ₦26,875. And Click ‘Pay’.

4. Select any of the Preferred Payment Methods. You can use any of the Payment Methods which are; Pay with Card, Pay with Transfer, or Pay with USSD.

5. Transfer Money to the Account on Display, and Click “I’ve sent the money”. After your Payment has been Confirmed, Your Wallet will be Automatically Credited with the Amount Funded. Note, the account on Display Expires 30 minutes after Display.

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